Why Us

Our team of professionally trained evaluators and installers is committed to providing excellent service through product knowledge, expert installation, and making your home safer for your children.

Our in-home evaluations are educational and eye-opening. We are trained to methodically inspect homes and provide solutions to make them safer for children. Our objective is to minimize risk based on the layout of your home and age of your children. We work with you to determine the most appropriate solutions for you and your family.

Our professional installers are knowledgeable about child safety products and skilled at installing each item. Upon completion of installation, we provide instruction on the correct use of your safety products.

Proper baby proofing requires a wide range of products including gates, latches, locks, electrical plate covers, banister shields, hearth cushions, and more. Baby Proofing Montgomery knows which items work best.

We only sell and install quality products and always stand behind our work.