Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, but feel free to contact us anytime with your safety questions.

Why should I babyproof my home?
When should I start babyproofing my home?
I always watch my baby.  Do I need to babyproof?
How do I start babyproofing my house?
Do you provide installation services?
How long do I need to have my home babyproofed?
I have some safety products.  Will you install them for me?
Can I buy your safety products so we can install them?
How much does it cost to babyproof a home?
Can’t I find the same safety products at my local store?

Why should I babyproof my home?
Your home should be a safe place for your infants and toddlers. Children, especially under age four, are most likely to be injured by falls, poisonings, choking, drowning, and burns. Each year, more than two million children age four and under are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries incurred in the home (National Safe Kids Campaign). Your home is where your children will spend most of their time playing and exploring. It is important to make sure their environment is safe.

When should I start baby proofing my home?
The best time to begin babyproofing is before your child starts crawling and discovering all the dangers in your home. Even if your baby is already crawling, it is not too late. It is important to make sure your baby’s surroundings encourage this growth and help your baby explore safely.

Some families also babyproof their grandparent’s homes.

I always watch my baby. Do I need to baby proof?
YES! Child proofing your home is not a substitute for adult supervision or educating young ones about safety. Infants learn about their environments through taste and feel, and quickly develop motor skills that lead to independence and exploration. How do you anticipate the curiosity of your baby?  Plan ahead! Baby proofing will provide a safer environment for your child to explore, play and grow.

How do I start babyproofing my house?
The first thing to do at home is to get down on the floor and crawl around! This will help you locate some of those hidden dangers that may be at your child’s eye level, before he or she finds them!

Then, contact Baby Proofing Montgomery. We will perform an extensive room-by-room evaluation of your home, identify potential hazards that could injure your child, and recommend helpful solutions or products. We will develop a “home safety plan” by providing you with a customized, detailed list of recommended products, and an estimate of the material and installation costs.

We take the guesswork out of choosing the best safety products for your home. We know which products will work best for your particular situation, and we have access to many products and brands that you cannot find locally. In addition, we provide safety awareness information covering topics such as fire and electrical safety, poison prevention, carbon monoxide detectors, fire prevention and more.

Do you provide installation services?
YES! We offer professional, convenient, and affordable installation services. Once installed, we show you how to operate each product, ensuring your comfort of use.

How long do I need to have my home baby proofed?
Baby proofing is an ongoing process! As your child grows, you will need to reevaluate the precautions you have taken, and decide if they are still adequate. You will need to constantly reassess your child’s surroundings for new dangers. Remember, get down on the floor and take a look at things from your child’s viewpoint every so often. This is an eye-opening experience!

I have some safety products. Will you install them for me?
It depends on the quality of the products. Some safety products are of much higher quality than others.  We know which products work, which do not, and why. We will only install those products that we normally sell and meet our standards for quality and safety.

Can I buy your safety products so we can install them?
YES! We we are happy to assist by providing recommendations, products, and installation tips. Following your in-home evaluation, we provide you with an Estimate that outlines our product recommendations along with the material and installation costs. This allows you to decide how much or how little you would like us to install vs. what you would like to install. Parents typically want us to to install the gates and cabinet latches because they are time consuming and often difficult for the untrained person to install. We have the expertise to provide the peace of mind that all products are installed correctly.

How much does it cost to baby proof a home?
Every home is different. The cost of baby proofing generally depends on the size of your home, your lifestyle, and the products you decide you need–how many gates and cabinet latches, for example, and where you spend the most time with your baby in your home. We work within your budget to help you choose the best way to make your home safer. Some also choose to baby proof in stages.

Can’t I find the same safety products at my local store?
Probably not. Most stores carry only two or three different brands of safety products and their staffs are not knowledgeable or trained on how to select and install the products. We carry products from numerous manufacturers which allows us to pick and choose the most appropriate products for your home.