Case Studies

Outdoor Retractable Gate.jpg

Flexible Tools for Your Home

We also use rust-proof retractable gates for outdoor use for openings less than 6’ wide. Baby Proofing Montgomery installed a retractable gate to separate the patio from flagstone steps. This allows the family the flexibility to have a gate when needed or to leave the doorway open when older children and adults are coming and going. Retractable gates are great for saving space where a swing gate may interfere with the walkway.


Other Case Studies

Outdoor deck gate 16 feet.jpg

Enjoying Patio Spaces

Baby Proofing Montgomery helped a young family that moved into a townhouse in Reston, VA, optimize their outdoor space.

Glass balcony with Gate.jpg

Mounting to Glass

Baby Proofing Montgomery created a mounting solution for a contemporary home that had tempered plate glass bannisters.

Gate with Tbar to Create Wall.jpg

A “Wall” to Mount a Gate

What happens when there is no wall along the bottom few steps or when the top stair lands beyond the newel post?