Case Studies

Glass balcony with Gate.jpg

Mounting to Glass

Baby Proofing Montgomery created a mounting solution for a contemporary home that had tempered plate glass bannisters. We used glass clamps and a hardwood rail to attach the gate to the ½” frameless tempered glass banister, keeping the clean lines of the home’s design and modern look.


Other Case Studies

Outdoor Retractable Gate.jpg

Flexible Tools for Your Home

Baby Proofing Montgomery also uses rust-proof retractable gates for outdoor use for openings less than 6’ wide.

Gate with Tbar to Create Wall.jpg

A “Wall” to Mount a Gate

What happens when there is no wall along the bottom few steps or when the top stair lands beyond the newel post?

SS-OD + BX2+T-Bars.JPG

Creating Safer Play Areas

Baby Proofing Montgomery converted a covered patio that was adjacent to flagstone steps into safer play area.