Custom Solutions for Tricky Gate Situations

Many homes present unique challenges for safely installing stairway gates. The gate mounts are the critical component. Baby Proofing Montgomery develops custom solutions to mount gates while keeping the aesthetics of the home.


Mounting to Glass

Baby Proofing Montgomery created a mounting solution for a contemporary home that had tempered plate glass bannisters.

Mounting to Newel Posts

Baby Proofing Montgomery encounters a wide range of newel posts in terms of size and shape.

A “Wall” to Mount a Gate

What happens when there is no wall along the bottom few steps or when the top stair lands beyond the newel post?


Enjoying Patio Spaces

Baby Proofing Montgomery helped a young family that moved into a townhouse in Reston, VA, optimize their outdoor space.

Creating Safer Play Areas

Baby Proofing Montgomery converted a covered patio that was adjacent to flagstone steps into safer play area.

Flexible Tools for Your Home

Baby Proofing Montgomery also uses rust-proof retractable gates for outdoor use for openings less than 6’ wide.


Add Square Footage to Your Home with Safe Outdoor Play Spaces

Balconies, decks, and patios offer additional living and play space for many families to enjoy outdoor playtime and activities. However, we often find that parents avoid using this “extra” living space due to potential child safety hazards. Baby Proofing Montgomery has the appropriate gates and materials needed to transform these spaces into safe, useable “outdoor rooms” for families to enjoy.


Instantly Add Square Footage to Your Living Space

Contact us to discuss how we can help transform your outdoor space into useable space for you and your family to enjoy.

Custom-made Gate Mounts for Outdoor Use

Gate mounts are often necessary for installing gates outside on fiberglass or wrought iron posts. Baby Proofing Montgomery uses custom-made outdoor gate mounts from a super-durable polymer material used to make floors and cabinets on yachts.


Safety Tips


Safety Tip #1

Do you have a baby pool in your backyard, or on your deck or patio? They feel good on hot summer days and provide hours of fun—but even shallow water can present a serious safety risk to small children. Close adult supervision is always required.

Safety Tip #2

Teach your children from a young age that both gas and charcoal grills have hot surfaces when in use. Remind little ones to be careful around them and to never play with them. Consider installing stove knob covers. The ones we use for indoor kitchens are perfect for gas grill knobs in your outdoor kitchen.

Safety Tip #3

Most parents wisely a place safety gate at the top of the stairs...but what prevents a child from climbing up the stairs and falling backwards? This is a commonly overlooked danger in many homes.

Safety Tip #4

Store all medications, cleaners, and poisons in their original packaging locked up high, out of reach, and out of sight.


What Our Customers Have to Say

Both our evaluator and installer were parents. They understood my concerns. They recommended and installed what made sense for my family and our lifestyle.
— Jamie R., Arlington, VA
These guys provide “upscale” installation services. They went above and beyond to install products to blend in with the design and decor of our home.
— Annie G., Washington, DC