Case Studies

Stairway newel mounts and wall mount (1).JPG

Mounting to Newel Posts

Baby Proofing Montgomery encounters a wide range of newel posts in terms of size and shape. Our most common solution to mount a gate is to attach a wood rail vertically, using a variety of custom-made clamps around the newel post, depending on their size and shape. We then attach the gate hardware to the rail.

These days, the architectural design of many new homes include large square newel posts, which can be more than 7” wide. In these cases, we use larger custom-made clamps. If posts have round sections with a diminishing diameter, we use shims to ensure the vertical rail is perfectly plumb for properly mounting the gate.


Other Case Studies

Outdoor deck gate 16 feet.jpg

Enjoying Patio Spaces

Baby Proofing Montgomery helped a young family that moved into a townhouse in Reston, VA, optimize their outdoor space.

Glass balcony with Gate.jpg

Mounting to Glass

Baby Proofing Montgomery created a mounting solution for a contemporary home that had tempered plate glass bannisters.

Gate with Tbar to Create Wall.jpg

A “Wall” to Mount a Gate

What happens when there is no wall along the bottom few steps or when the top stair lands beyond the newel post?